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The Boy in the Orthodox Bubble

My bar mitzvah sucked. I’m 19, and I still haven’t quite gotten over it. The ultimate...

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Taking Off My Tefillin

These were not just any ordinary tefillin. For starters, there was the case—the same protective carrying case that Israeli soldiers used in the field for security. It was waterproof, boiling-hot-latke-oil-proof, nuclear bomb-proof, and could survive a fall off the Western Wall.

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The Huntress and the Chasm

But her glorious smile has a hint of nefarious beguilement.  Her teeth are barred and sharp.

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Is Intermarriage So Terrible?

One day while waiting in the lineup I struck up a conversation with a fellow player. He told me all about how he got to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, because his dad was Jewish and his mom was not. Immediately after hearing this, a wave of emotion washed over me.

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From Yeshiva to Public School and Back Again

I was fascinated with the image of public school I saw on TV and in movies. They had the parties, the hot girls, and the cool kids. All we had at Jewish schools were prayers, pubescent boys with body odor, and rabbis who yelled.

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The Soldier I Won't Be

Together we are a conglomerate of ebullient and idealistic youth traversing the sometimes rough, usually tranquil waters of our time in Israel, sharing laughs, memories, and experiences along the way. Next year, while I am at college living in a sheltered and cozy bubble, many of my peers will be subjected to a much harsher reality. They will be drafted to the Israeli army, handed M16’s, made to grow up quickly, and be demanded to fight for their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and for the precarious existence of the Holy Land.

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